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From his childhood, he developed the hobbies of climbing trees, wandering and treking in the area of high peaks and the Valleys of Sahyadri, tours all over the India, drawing and painting, clay scluptering, acting, dancing and directing the performing arts.

He developed the hobbies of dancing and directing folk dance, cultural and social work and to attend kirtanas. He developed his writing skill and the literature became the part of his personality.

He writes in all forms of the literature that is, novel, short stories and stories, poems, articles, criticism, research books etc.


It was miraculous that he joined as a peon and the next day immediately he began to serve as a teacher. He completed his graduation and post graduation from the Pune University as external student upto 1975.

In between 1971-72 he got the chance to complete B.Ed. on depution. In this journey of life Shri Purushottam and Mrs. Pramila Takalkar, Mr. Ganesh and Mrs. Saraswati Somni, Anil's Honourable Guruvarya, Haribhau Phadke Sir and his cologue Mr. Bansishetji and Mrs. Ayodhya Mundada sheltered Anil.


Anil completed his Ph.D. on 'Chalisgaon Dangan Parisar : Cultural Literary and Linguestic Study' under the guidance Honorable Dr. Gangadhar Morje in 1979-80.

It was the field work and inter-displinary study based on folklore.


Anil Sahasrabuddhe worked as a teacher from July 1965 to 31st August 2007 that is fourty two years in Hind Seva Mandal, at the Secondary, Higher Secondary, Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate upto Ph.D. guide.

In this long period he taught Mathematics, Science, Hindi, English and Marathi. Twenty two years he was Professor in Marathi and worked as Research Guide and resours person.

He retired as HOD Marathi and Principal Pemraj Sarda College, Ahmednagar.

Hard Working:

He delivered the tiffins, fetched the water from river Pravra to many families.

He worked as painter as well as delivered newspapers etc. While working hard, he was also cautious about his studies. This way, he passed out S.S.C. in 1964.

Being unable to join college, he completed Teacher's Diploma and he joined Hind Seva Mandal's Modern High School, Akole in 1965.


“A great book should leave you with many experiences. You live several lives while reading.”