About The Author

Shri Anil Sahasrabuddhe was born in a small village of Akole. It was a taluka place in Ahmednagar District.

He is coming from a poor Kokanasta Brahmin family. His sirname is Sahasrabuddhe and birthdate is 24th August 1947, that is Shravan Shukla Ashtami Shake 1869. His parents were Shri Nagesh Keshav Sahasrabuddhe and Aanandi Nagesh Sahasrabuddhe. Shri Nagesh started his service in Post and Telegraph Department just as a village Postman and retired as simply a Postman in 1964.

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“A great book should leave you with many experiences. You live several lives while reading.”

New Books


Dastane Ramchandra & Co., Pune. The book is useful for the Journalists, Teachers, Professors & the Students. Aims and aspects of the Criticism are discussed in the book.


Novel is the series of the humourous and satirical deeds of Satyanarayan Thapade Patil. There was a large scale discussion occured in the papers & magazines.Social & Political.


PARVEDA : Priti Publication 2002. One sided articulation/orational style is used with stream of consciousness to design the experimental novel. Preface is written by Dr. Kottapalle