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Dr. Anil Sahasrabuddhe was born in a small village of Akole. His sirname is Sahasrabuddhe and birthdate is 24th August 1947. In 1972 he married Shobha, the daughter of Mr. Vinayak Mahadev and Mrs. Sharada Natu. Shobha was named Usha. Mrs. Usha Anil Sahasrabuddhe got a Son Swapnil in 1973 and a daughter Sphurti in 1978.


His parents were Shri Nagesh Keshav Sahasrabuddhe and Aanandi Nagesh Sahasrabuddhe. Shri Nagesh started his service in Post and Telegraph Department just as a village Postman and retired as simply a Postman in 1964.

Mrs. Aanandi, who came from Kane family and her name was Durga Shridhar Kane. She was a house-wife. she was very clever and active. In childhood, she was a freedom fighter.

She was an expert Pediatric and gave free service to the children of all castes and religions. Nagesh Aanandi had six issues - Nalini, Shashikala, Ashok, Anil, Ramesh and Vidya.

The family with eight members was fuffering from poverty; but the daughters and sons with their mother worked hard to ovecome the poverty. Mrs. Aanandi served the tiffins.

Anil and his brothers & sisters helped Mrs. Aanandi to wrote an autobiography 'Kate Ani Gare'.

It is great experience to read it.

Elder Sister

His elder sister called Mai, that is Shashikala, and after marriage Madhukanta Gadgil looked after Anil like mother. Anil completed his Ph.D. on 'Chalisgaon Dangan Parisar : Cultural Literary and Linguestic Study' under the guidance of Honorable Dr. Gangadhar Morje in 1979-80. It was the field work and inter-displinary study based on folklore.

Son & Daughter

His Son Dr. Swapnil and daughter-in-law Dr. Soniya are working as expert vaidya. They also join the cultural activities.

His daughter Pro. Sphurti also joins cultural activities while serving as a teacher. She is an English writer, researcher. Presently two publications are published.

His son-in-law Kaustubh Deshpande is working as accountant and he is expert in IT.

Grand Son & Grand Daughter

His grandson Pranav Swapnil Sahasrabuddhe is developing his hobbies of music, drawing and painting scluptering, dramatics and physical activities with completing traditional education system.

Same way his grand daughter Shreya Kaustubh Deshpande developing her hobbies dancing, singing, drawing and painting, Scluptering and physical activities.